Cofields Sweet Ava Cofields Sweet Ava

Sweet Ava Moscato

We are thrilled to introduce our new-look Sweet Ava Moscato. Expect the same Moscato as you know and love from Cofield Wines, but now named after Ava Cofield, daughter of Owners, Damien & Melanie.


Made with muscat a petits grains rouge. Floral and fruit driven, with lemon sherbet character, and a delicate natural spritz.

Picked early in the season, Rutherglen Brown Muscat (also known as Muscat á Petits Grains Rouge) is ideal for making Moscato. Offering incredible aromatics, a burst of fresh fruit flavour and clean, crisp acidity, the charms of a well made Moscato are impossible to resist.

The muscat was picked early in the 2019 season at sunrise, then destemmed & left in the press overnight. This gives the juice a lovely cherry blush & releases a lot of the rose petal Muscat flavour from the skins to the juice.

Tasting Notes