Cofield Rutherglen Durif Cofield Rutherglen Durif

2021 Durif

First introduced to Rutherglen by renowned viticulturist and winemaker Francis DeCastella in the early 1900's. Durif thrives in our warm continental climate producing powerful, persistent full bodied wines that explode with varietal Durif fruit. The characters are BIG and BOLD.


Rutherglen is the renowned home for this powerful and persistent wine variety. Our Durif is a full bodied wine which explodes with varietal durif fruit characters and is big and bold!

Over the years we have been gradually increasing the percentage of French oak we use in our Durif, which traditionally was 100% American oak. Now it sits at 50% two year old and 25% one year old French as we are looking for a more refined Durif style with less impact than the powerful American oak.

Tasting Notes