Among The Vines

As the great Ron Burgundy once said, 'Well, that escalated quickly!'

On reviewing the summer 'Among The Vines', it seemed we were still brimming with optimism about the looming vintage, and it is about that time things started to go a little pear shaped.

Whilst long relegated from the front pages, the sustained bushfires we experienced throughout recent months has unfortunately resulted in a late scratching from vintage 2020 for Cofield Wines. Thankfully Rutherglen was never in imminent danger, with the nearest fire fronts almost an hour away. Like much of southeastern Australia we were however blanketed in smoke for weeks, which ripening grapes have a tendency to absorb.

Armed with the results of dozens of laboratory analyses and our own trial ferments we made the tough but necessary decision to cancel the harvest on account of smoke taint. It's important to point out that smoke taint can be highly variable, so while this was the right decision for Cofield Wines, we can't comment on behalf of other producers in the region who no doubt faced different circumstances.

So now we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get on with the job. As a cruel irony the grapes still need to be harvested for the health of the vines, but on the plus side that is the perfect job for forced social isolation! Bring on vintage 2021.