Wine Tasting Experiences

Wine Tasting Rutherglen Wine Tasting Rutherglen


Tease your tastebuds with a a complimentary limited tasting or experience the full range of our Footsteps & Essence range of wines.

Vino-Coco Delight Tasting Experience

Enjoy a generous tasting of three of our favourite Cofield wines that have each been perfectly matched with a Cuvee chocolate.

Cofield Wine Blending Experience Cofield Wine Blending Experience

Cofield Wine Fusion Experience

Have some fun with a wine blending experience. Whether you fancy yourself a fledgling winemaker or just love learning about your favourite drop, this unique self-guided experience is a must-try.

Cofield premium wine tasting Cofield premium wine tasting

The Black Sensation Experience

Treat yourself with our premium wine tasting, and experience the passion and heart behind the Provincial Black Collection.